Sound Brilliant Guide

Thanks again for agreeing to be a guest on The Willow Bent! I want you to sound as brilliant as possible.  Part of that is on me as your interviewer, but part of it is as simple as having the right equipment to record the conversation.

Please read through the list below and make the suggested adjustments, prior to our conversation. They will help you sound great during the interview.

The Environment

Turn off all non-essential programs on your computer to enable our recording to happen with less potential for technical glitches or unplanned pings or chimes.

Find a quiet place for our conversation.

Make sure all potential noisemakers are turned off or taken care of ahead of time (phones, email, kids, pets, etc.)

While we’re doing our interview, try to not bump the table, scoot things around your desk, click pens, or anything else that might make noise. It’s amazing what the mic can pick up. 

Have a glass of water nearby during our chat… you may need it.

Relax and have fun! Mistakes or slip-ups can always be edited out in post-production.

The Equipment

Use headphones with a microphone or a headset. The microphone and speakers that are built in on your computer won’t provide the sound quality we need. They’ll mess with your volume/tone and we’ll get feedback.  So please don’t use them.

Make sure your computer speakers are turned completely down and you’ve set your computer’s preferences to know that you’re going to hear sound through headphones or earbuds instead. This will help us avoid feedback and electronic echo in the recording.  

I know it’s the 21st century, but if you can -- please use a wired internet connection (not wireless), if possible.

Thanks again for agreeing to chat with me. I can’t wait to connect my audience to you. I promise I will do my best to make you sound brilliant! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Kirsten Petro Burk