Resiliency Interview Sample


1)      Set up (5 min)

2)      Introduction – welcome to the episode (3-4 min)

a)      Bio of guest

3)      Questions (30-45 min)

4)      Thank you (2 min)

5)      Take down (5 min)

Total Time: Approx. 60 min

Sample Questions

Tell me about yourself

·         What is your job description?

·         How has your career led you to an interest in resiliency/resilient design?

The Resilient Design Institute describes resilient design as the intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in response to these vulnerabilities.

o   How would you describe resilient design?

o   What does resilient design mean to you?

o   How does resiliency differ from sustainability?

·         Can you tell me a little bit about what your community is going through now?

o   How this related to other areas around the country?

·         How does resilient design relate to the average person?

o   Why should they care?

·         What do you think design firms can do reduce the impacts of climate change on communities?

o   Are design firms currently implementing these ideas?

·         What can the architectural engineering industry do to increase awareness?

·         Do you think architectural engineering firms have an obligation to incorporate resiliency into their designs?

o   Do clients and communities have an obligation to ask for these measures?

·         What is one thing everyone should know about resilient design and how it impacts them?

Please Note: This is an audio only interview. These questions are meant to be a rough outline. We may decide to go in a different direction depending on how the conversation goes.

Post Interview

Thank you for chatting with me! There will be a short period of post-production time between the interview date and when the podcast is aired. I will notify you before your episode is released. In the meantime, please check out to check out other resources and episodes.