What IS Resilient Design???

Welcome to The Willow Bent, a podcast about how resilient design thinking will save us all. Listen below to hear our very first episode! 


Have you ever thought to yourself, is my home safe? If you're like me, you wake up in the morning, throw on a pot of tea, turn the news on, and while waiting for the traffic and weather on the fours, you half listen to the news of the day. Pretty much every day of the week, one of those top stories involves some sort of natural disaster. Whether it's another drought or landslide in California, sea level rise and sink holes in Florida, a tornado in Kansas that has wiped out an entire community, or a hurricane that's wreaked havoc on another island in the Caribbean. With each one of these natural disasters comes devastation to countless families and communities. 

Whose responsibility is it to create a safe space for your family to live? This is where resilient design comes in. Resilient design involves every one of us, but very few of us know how to define this issue, let alone solve it. Throughout the journey of The Willow Bent, I hope to speak to experts about what they think resilient design is. And how to create resilient communities that are able to withstand the ongoing effects of climate change. 

So what IS resilience? And why should YOU care? This is a great question. Tune in to find out now! 

In this episode of The Willow Bent, I speak with Scott Cryer, an architect with DLR Group about: 

  • Who resilient design impacts (hint: it's everyone)
  • Why resilient design is similar to the Y2K phenomenon 
  • What the architectural design community can do to bring this topic to the forefront of design conversations

I think if we can find ways to communicate and say, hey look, at the end of the day we’re all at risk. So then it’s just a matter of understanding what are the most pressing risks. What are the things in your life that you can live without for a period of time? And what are the things that are absolutely essential, that need to go on?
— Scott Cryer Architect with DLR Group


Scott Cryer

Scott is an associate and architect with DLR Group located in Washington DC who has a passion for resilient design. 

Thank you to everyone who made this episode possible! This episode was produced by Kirsten Petro Burk. Music and composition by the amazingly talented, Max Maples. 

The Willow Bent is a professional development grant provided by DLR Group

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